Tesla's pulsed high voltage technology

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Tesla's pulsed high voltage technology


"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels".

(Dr. Nikola Tesla)


Nikola Tesla invented electrodynamical devices, starting with DC motors, then AC motors and generators, exploring wave phenomena in wired and wireless media, with ever higher potentials and ever higher frequencies. During his life he was a world famous inventor. Nowadays nobody knows Tesla. At the end of Tesla's career his statements about technological advances and possibilities for mankind were not taken seriously anymore by the physics community and rejected (but taken very serious) by his financial backers. He is known as a "crackpot" scientist and inventor of fantasies in the ranks of electrical engineers and physicists. Tesla's reputation was destroyed. The more I learned about Tesla's claims and about the shortcomings of mainstream physics theory, the more I became convinced that Nikola Tesla was not a crackpot scientist. He was right.

What are Tesla's unconventional claims about technology, with respect to modern standards ?

  • The transmission of wireless electrical energy over great distances for commercial and practical use, by means of 'longitudinal aetheric electric waves'.
  • A flying machine without wings or gas, heavier than air, based on telegeodynamics.
  • A "death" ray machine for emitting a concentrated non-dispersive energy beam that causes 'teleforces' on objects at a distance.


After Tesla's discovery of AC technology (AC polyphase motors, AC powerlines, AC generators) Tesla continued exploring pulsed power systems. He perfected devices like 'unidirectional discharge units', special transformers for pulsed potentials and currents, and very high voltage beam devices.




Discharge unit


Usually, a high voltage break-down over an 'arc' gap between two electrodes is such that the break-down current is alternating with high frequency in the gap. For inducing the unusual Tesla effects, this oscillation is an unwanted effect. Therefore the oscillations in the 'discharge' current need to be critically damped, and Tesla invented several methods to accomplish this. He used the field of permanent magnets to damp the oscilation in the 'arc' gap, see picture, or attached pieces of carbon or mica to the electrodes in order to add some extra current damping resistance. In stead of an air gap between the electrodes, Tesla experimented with oil-filled gaps in order to achieve a shorter break-down voltage pulse: the ionisation of air is slower than that of oil with a high dielectric value. He also tried high-vacuum discharge chambers, but this proved to be technically difficult. Tesla wanted to diminish the ohmic losses as much as possible everywhere in his circuits. Modern Tesla coils (Tesla generators) consume a lot of power without these careful optimizations.




Transformer of pulsed voltage and currents


In order to transform the high voltage pulse into much higher oscillation of electric potential, Tesla invented special coils that were very responsive, such flat spiral coils (see picture) or conical coils, that showed capacitance between the coil windings. This extra capacitance balances the self-inductance of the primary coil, such that the the total impedance of the coil is reduced for very high frequencies. Therefore, Tesla's responsive coils do not damp the voltage pulse, such that it builds up a magnetic field very rapidly. A secondary coil transforms the primary field pulse to a much higher secondary voltage. This secondary coil is connected to a capacitive metal terminal at one end, and to ground at the other end.




Open-ended vacuum tube


In stead of using a simple capacitive metallic sphere, Tesla invented an 'open-ended vacuum tube', see picture right.  This tube contains a half-sphere metalic terminal with a small radius, such that the voltages from this tube are extrememly high. In order to prevent the so called "streamers" of electricity, this metal half-sphere terminal needs to be in vacuum. The vacuum in this tube is createddynamically by the high voltages assisted by the shape of the tube, before any break-down ionization of the air can happen. It is this vacuum tube that emits the unusual type of radiation which is not a particle beam nor a TEM wave.




Modern proof for Tesla's extraordinary claims


The most important modern experiment that proves most of Tesla's claims, is Podkletnov's discharge experiment with one superconductive electrode. The discharge pulse from Podkletnov's device generates a non-dispersive beam that cannot be shielded. The same 'gravitic' effect occurs on pendulums that are hit by the beam, regardless of the chemical composition of the pendulum. Podkletnov concludes that this beam is not a particle beam, and it is not a TEM wave; the energy flow of this radiation does not satisfy the dispersion relation  E = p /c  of TEM wave radiation. In an interview with Tim Ventura, Podkletnov described that a shorter impulse time causes a higher power flow. He also claimed that the speed of this beam is about 64 times higher than the speed of light. This fits perfectly with my theoretical prediction of longitudinal electrocalar waves with velocity possibly much higher than c, and an energy flow that also depends on a scalar field, thus volts per second  variation should be optimized. Tesla called this gravity-like force a 'teleforce', and its science 'telegeodynamics'.




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